BLACKPINK THE GAME’s 5-Star photocards, which you could only see in-game are now available as high-definition photocards!
From mystic girls in the woods to classic dates and lively summer camping,
collect all 19 sets of BLACKPINK’s new, exclusive pictorial-quality concept series!

Collect all the packages with the VHS concept to build your own BLACKPINK photo and video collection!

Comes with a background polaroid mini-envelope, which is pretty wherever you put it and you can also customize and create your unique package using label stickers.

Includes a DOWNLOAD card where you can watch BLACKPINK’s exclusive video content just for buyers and a world ticket coupon card which you can use to dress up your BLACKPINK characters.

Experience a new BLACKPINK world with the BLACKPINK photocard series!


- 1 Package Set
- Photocards 8p (8 random per out of 16)
- VIDEO QR Card 1p
- Background Polaroid Mini-envelope 1P
- Label Sticker 1P
- Game Coupon Card 1P Free Reward

@ BLACKPINK THE GAME coupon goods provided

Download [BLACKPINK THE GAME] from Google Play or App Store and enter the coupon number to receive the items below!
: 1,500 World Tickets (BLAKPINK costume and emoticons can be purchased, currency equivalent to KRW 10,000)
Become BLACKPINK's producer and manage BLACKPINK in BLACKPINK's first official mobile game!